Men‘s and Women’s Circle Leaders

2019 Women’s Circle Leaders

Circle #1:
Leader: Emily Borer
Asst. 1: Lindy Borer
Asst 2:  Deb Baum

Circle #2
Leader: Mary Alice Dwyer
Asst 1: Connie Dvorak
Asst 2:  Bonnie Dinslage

Circle #3
Leader: Carmella Kincaid
Asst 1:  Bonnie Hoefer
Asst. 2: Sandi Henn

Circle #4
Leader: Anne Meis
Asst 1: Lynell Morgan
Asst 2: Anna Meis

Circle #5
Leader: Michelle (Alan) Reicks
Asst 1:  Jessie Pelster
Asst 2: Janice Pelster

Circle #6
Leader: Deb Tharnish
Asst 1: Deb Warren
Asst 2:  Kelsey Selting

President: Connie Pelster cell 6617   843-2321
Vice President: Emily Borer cell 8144
Secretary: Kathy Beckman | 843-2267
Treasurer: Lori S. Beckman | 843-5681

2019 Men’s Circle Leaders

Circle #1:
Leader: Ted Baum
Asst: Scott Becker

Circle #2:
Leader: Travis Eischeid
Asst: Duane Esau

Circle #3:
Leader: Duane Hoefer
Asst: Gary Hoefer

Circle #4:
Leader: Bill Mescher
Asst: Randy Mitchell

Circle #5:
Leader: Alan Reicks
Asst: Terry Reicks

Circle #6:
Leader: Andy Starman
Asst:  Larry Starman

Snow /Ice Removal
(Church-Rectory-Sister’s Residence-Gym-Convent)
Circle 1: Mondays
Circle 2: Tuesdays
Circle 3: Wednesdays
Circle 4: Thursdays
Circle 5: Fridays
Circle 6: Saturdays
All Circles: Sundays

Auction make calls/pick up items, help set up/clean up

Men’s Circle Solicitation in the Spring (head leader only)

Bazaar Clean-up

Workday and Odd Jobs

Set up for Funerals