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Our Mission

For over 100 years, the sister parishes of St. Boniface and St. Bonaventure have served as the spiritual home for generations of faithful Catholics.  The mission we are engaged in was started by Jesus and continues through us by the power of the Holy Spirit.

May our acts of charity, education, and sacramental life continue to change hearts in our local community and beyond.

Join Us for Mass

Weekend Mass is offered at St. Boniface in Elgin on Saturday at 5:30 pm and Sunday at 10 am.  A Communion Service is offered on Mondays at 7:20 am. Masses are Wednesday at 8:15 am, Thursdays and Fridays at 7:20 am (First Fridays at 8:15 am).

At St. Bonaventure in Raeville, weekend Mass is offered on Sunday at 8 am.  During the week, Mass is offered on Tuesday at 8:30 am.

Submit a Faith Question

If you have a religious related question you are wondering about, you can submit it using the website form below or jot it down and put it in the collection basket marked “Q&A”.  Father Vogel will address as many as possible each month.

Faith Q & A

By Father Vogel

Question: Am I morally required to vote against the candidate that will cause the most harm to innocent human life, even if I dislike the other option, or is abstaining an option? Would abstaining or writing in a third party be a vote against life? Or could abstaining be a way to express disapproval and the need for better candidates in the future?

Answer: These are legitimate questions. While these are not specifically addressed by Church teaching, we do see other principles to guide us. The Catechism says we have a moral obligation to vote, and Vatican II said “every citizen ought to be mindful of his right and his duty to promote the common good by using his vote” (CCC 2240, Gaudium et Spes 75). It is the common good of all that is to be considered, not personal preference. Following St. John Paul II (Evangelism Vitae 73) we have the principle that when faced with two options that are not fully pro-life or pro-family, we can vote for the candidate who would do the least moral harm. Voters should try to minimize the damage done to society by the outcome of an election, even if that outcome is not wholly satisfactory by Catholic principles. What is clear is that you can never vote for a more pro-abortion candidate simply because the other option seems abhorrent to you.

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Men‘s & Women’s Circles

Circle 1:  Arehart – Buelt
Circle 2: Busteed – Getzfred
Circle 3: Gossman – Kinney
Circle 4: Kluthe – Payne
Circle 5: Pelster – Schrage
Circle 6: Schueths – Zwingman

Women‘s Circle Worklist

FUNERAL: Circle 2
CHARITY: Circle 2, Clean convent rooms used for bazaar take-outs the week before Bazaar
Circle 6 & 1, Set up nativity in December
MEETING: December 19 at 7 pm in Convent

Parish Organizations

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